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SSQ INFRATEL ,Established in Year 2010, is one of the leading South-India based company committed to deliver quality work to our customer. Our strength in understanding the market and our clients’ requirements help us expand our services with an ever growing list of satisfied customers. Our Leadership team has a wealth of international experience in the fields of,

  • Efficient to run
  • Economical to maintain
  • Cheaper to register
  • Eco Friendly
  • Less pollution
  • Renewable energy

Our Offerings

AC Mini Plus

Power Output – 3.68kW or 7.4kW

IEC 62196-2 Type 2 Connector

Connectivity through Ethernet, 3G


Up to 22kW Output

Low Power Consumption

Over-the-Air(OTA) Configuration

DC Wall Box

Dual Output – 25kW

CCS Type 2 – 200~500VDC

CHAdeMO – 50~500VDC

Bharat DC001

Power Output – 15kW (GB/T)

Output Voltage – 40~85VDC

Connectivity through Ethernet, 3G/4G

DC Charger 30kW

Dual Output – 15kW each

Output Voltage – 40~85VDC

Connectivity through Ethernet, 3G/4G

DC City Charger 50kW

Dual Output – 50kW Max.

DC - CCS Type 2 / CHAdeMO / GB/T

AC - 22kW AC Type 2

DC Quick Charger
100-150 kW

Dual DC Output – 100~150kW

One AC Output – 22kW

DC - CCS Type 2 / CHAdeMO / GB/T


  • In shopping centers, hotels or campuses our charging infra-structure helps you contribute to a more environment friendly and high-performance ecosystem.
  • Having EV charging stations at properties will draw new EV Owners and retain the tenants who are moving to electric bikes and cars installing EV charging station at a multi resident apartments properties communicates to the tenants that their property management prioritizes environmentally friendliness and excellent amenities. Thus, this contribute to an environment friendly images that further draws and engages tenants.
  • We are on the cusp of revolution in the mobility of people on goods. Here at SSQ infratel, we're at the forefront of this revolution. Together, we can improve and increase drive technology and charging solutions for a sustainable future in E-mobility.
  • We see electromobility as a whole. That's why we offer solutions for every requirement and every need.


  • Government Proposes to offer 20% Subsidy On Installation on EV Charging Stations.
  • Concessional tariff of 50% Subsidy Permit for battery charging to continue in government.
  • One time investment, Life time Revenue.
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